Welcome to Productions La Mandorla Inc., a Montreal-based entertainment production company where creativity, imagination, and good old-fashioned Vaudeville arts reign supreme.

La Mandorla is the brainchild of Holly Gauthier-Frankel, a multidisciplinary artist and teacher with over 25 years of professional experience who decided to create a space where all of her greatest artistic dreams could come into fruition; what better place to do it than within the limitless realm of her very own Virtual Theatre?

Here at La Mandorla, you can do a multitude of fun things: you can peruse an extensive archive of Holly’s work as a voice actor, theatre actor, burlesque performer, singer, writer and teacher. You can check out her upcoming events in Montreal’s cabaret, theatre, and writing scenes.
You can book a burlesque class, a Confidence Seminar, a birthday party or a bachelorette shindig!
If you’re a fellow artist or producer you can pitch your biggest and best ideas for creative collaboration with Productions La Mandorla Inc!

In keeping with Holly’s spirit of community and communication, you can also add your own voice and picture to the mix! Take a selfie in the Bathroom, or send your own dreams along in a message.

Get inspired, get involved and get creative! Whether you are an artist, a producer, a creator or a dreamer, there are no limits to what your dreams can do for you! Live your dreams out loud!

A “Mandorla,” the Italian word for “almond,” is an ancient emblem sometimes referred to as a “Vesica Piscis.” Composed of two intersecting circles contained by an almond-shaped aureola, the Mandorla is a powerful symbol used in various religious, mathematical and mystical systems of thought, and embodies ideas of female power, regeneration, protection and possibility. Upon discovering it years ago while perusing books on sacred geometry, the Mandorla has provided Holly with infinite inspiration and a sense of spirituality in both her professional and personal life. She hopes you will find the same sacred possibility and limitless imagination in your own creative journey. Dream big!